The Assam Amateur Radio Foundation (AARF) is based in Assam, India. The motive of Assam Amateur Radio Foundation is to encourage the unity, fellowship, and activities of the amateur radio community in the state of Assam, as well as other northeastern states.

Recognizing the unique geographical and climatic challenges faced by Assam and other northeastern states, the establishment of a robust amateur radio network is of paramount importance. Amateur radio operators play a crucial role in providing communication support during emergencies such as natural disasters, which are not uncommon in this region due to its susceptibility to floods, landslides, and other calamities.

In times of crisis, when traditional communication infrastructure may fail or become overwhelmed, amateur radio operators serve as a vital link for relaying critical information and coordinating rescue and relief efforts. Their ability to operate independently of centralized systems makes them invaluable assets in providing communication resilience and ensuring that assistance reaches affected areas promptly.

Furthermore, a strong amateur radio network fosters community resilience by facilitating communication among individuals, communities, and authorities, thereby enhancing preparedness and response capabilities. Through continuous learning initiatives and technical support, organizations like AARF empower amateur radio enthusiasts to contribute effectively to public safety and community welfare.

Thus, fostering and supporting a vibrant amateur radio community in Assam and other northeastern states not only promotes technical expertise and camaraderie but also reinforces the region's capacity to respond to emergencies and safeguard the well-being of its inhabitants.